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Live Your Conscious Legacy

Are you someone who has reached many of your personal or professional goals and now feel eager to go beyond old borders, dream your future into being and contribute to the larger world?

In the old days, legacy was something you left behind. Now with longer life spans, a connected global village, the desire for more creative lives, shifting careers, and the call to restore the world, the time is ripe for you to live, not just leaveyour legacy.

Legacy Beyond Borders is here to support your journey with workshops, online classes, consulting, speaking events and global service learning. Enjoy your life as a conscious legacy pioneer!

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D.
Author and Founder
Legacy Beyond Borders

"Our separation from each other is an optical illusion."
--Albert Einstein




Who Inspired Me

Thank You We all stand on the shoulders of others who have inspired us on our life path.
Honor that person and their legacy by sharing your story here.

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